Single & Multi Family Office

Different banks, illiquid assets. Everything in one single platform.


Guardian dashboard

A single software that allows you to consolidate, manage and monitor all your portfolios on different custodian banks in a completely automated way, with a web interface dedicated to your clients or family members for consulting their global assets.

Key benefits
for Single & Multi Family Office

Wide functional coverage
Analytical depth
Safe login and encrypted database
Can be installed anywhere and integrated with other software
20 years of non-stop development
New releases always included
Usable from mobile devices
Technical and functional assistance always guaranteed
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Portfolio Management

Advanced functions for management, analysis and monitoring of portfolio allocation and risk, asset consolidation, performance contribution and attribution: these are just some of the functions to support your management team.

Maximum flexibility in the asset allocation window
Maximum flexibility in reclassifying the assets held in a portfolio according to different classification levels (asset class, type of security, currency, geographic area, industry sector, risk, credit rating, maturity, etc.), or according to the user’s own classifications.
Performance contribution and attribution in detail
Performance contribution and attribution analysis according to different levels of aggregation (asset classes, types of securities, product category, industry sector, currency etc.), up to the exact contribution of each security.
All data of any security in a few seconds
Obtain the complete data of any new security (over 130 dynamic and static fields) in a few seconds: all you need is the ISIN code and the currency.
Look-through of the funds
Look through analysis to determine the real exposure by asset class, sector, currency, geographical area and other multiple classifications, considering the real allocation of investment funds allocated in the client's portfolio.
History of transactions and positions and queries
Possibility of extracting any historical information regarding transactions and/or portfolios, as well as specific query functions to search for exposure to a specific asset class and/or currency, security, etc., up to querying the portfolio's prospective cash flow with a simple selection.
Automated creation of an unmodifiable PDF document containing the order and pre-compliance Log for each operation recorded in the system.
Saving historical transactions and positions
Fast search of historical positions, cash account movements or securities transactions and saving of the end-of-day situation, to extract any historical information relating to your portfolios in just a few seconds.
Export to pdf, xlsx and other formats
All portfolios, processed data and reports can always be exported in Excel, PDF and other formats.
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Automatic connections with more than 60 custodian banks

Official allocations and settled transactions recorded by the banks, everyday on your server.

Your Guardian Server will receive in a fully automated way the flows of the various custodian banks containing all the transactions and official positions of your clients’ T-1 portfolios, in order to verify what has been booked and keep the position of all your clients updated.

Download the complete
interfaced banks list


What if your custodian banks are not in the list?


No problem. Every year we create new banking connections for our clients, having a dedicated team that in a few weeks is able to develop the new banking interface required. In any case, with Guardian you can manage portfolios even without having an automatic connection with your custodian by entering the transactions manually.

UBS, Julius Baer, Credit Suisse, EFG, LGT, Lombard Odier, Corner Bank, Rothschild Luxembourg, Dexia Bank, Royal bank of Canada, Pictet, Goldman Sachs, Jp Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Banque De Groof Luxembourg, KBS,  Banca Stato,Caceis, Compagnie Monegasque de Banque (CMB), Banca Zarattini, Bank of Valletta, , Banca Leonardo, Banca Sella, Banca Arner, One Swiss Bank, BIL Luxembourg, Credit Agricole,  Axion, Banca Euromobiliare, BNL, Bnp Paribas, Banca CIC, Banca Finnat, Banca Ifigest, Deutsche Bank, Northen & Trust, Intesa San Paolo, J Safra, LGT, Mediobanca, Aquila bank,VP bank, Zurcher Kantonal bank,Basler Kantonal Bank, St Galler Kantonal Bank, Marki & Baumann

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Assets consolidation

Representation of complex assets through a simple web interface specially designed for HNWI.

Possibility of consolidating in the client’s total assets, in addition to financial securities, real estate, private equity, artworks and industrial investments, to provide to the clients an accurate analysis of total wealth with reporting and dedicated web interface.

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Family Office Report sample


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Back Office & Administration

More automation. More productivity.

Complete digitization of all operations for the highest level of automation and efficiency to process and verify all operations, fees and debits received from the bank. Automated integration with corporate accounting systems.


Back office full outsourcing service

Our clients have the possibility to completely outsource the back office activity to Swiss-Rev SA, so as to guarantee the timely import and reconciliation of all portfolios to the family office on a daily basis. You will focus solely and exclusively on the analysis and management of portfolios, while we will take care of everything else.


Automatic receipt of banking flows for Reconciliations
Automatic receipt of banking flows for daily reconciliation of the positions of securities, cash accounts, transactions, fees and cash flow. Guardian will highlight the trades and portfolios that are mismatched compared to the data received from the bank, in order to identify unjustified differences between Guardian’s and the bank’s position.
Automatic updating of securities information
Automatic update of the securities database through your financial provider (Bloomberg, Reuters, Six Telekurs, other), so as to always have a securities and portfolio valuation calculated independently by Guardian for comparison against the bank’s valuation.
Connections to accounting softwares
You can benefit from an automatic flow to your preferred accounting software that includes all the relevant information for bookkeeping activities.
Easy creation of consolidated portfolios
Possibility of creating multi-bank consolidated portfolios, by client, group or other aggregation chosen by the user.
Once the consolidated portfolio has been created, Guardian will independently calculate the consolidated position and the MWR or TWR performance on a daily basis.
Fully outsourced back office service
You have the opportunity to outsource to Swiss-Rev all of your company’s back&middle office activities: we guarantee highly professional services and a partner who will effectively support your asset management business. Thanks to investments in process automation and digitization, Swiss-Rev can provide this service at a very competitive price.
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Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering & Customer Relationship Management

The Know Your Client module is a digital encrypted repository that guarantees the highest protection of information and documents contained. By this way, your contracts with clients are in a safe place and fully integrated into the platform.

Web-based customer onboarding module that guides the consultant in uploading all client and contract data, up to the signing of the profiling questionnaires, which can be digitally signed by the client.

All sensitive data is stored in a separate and fully encrypted database.

Encrypted digital archive
Management of all personal data and documents relating to natural and/or legal persons and the related fully digitized contracts.
Possibility of profiling access and related authorizations to the personal data management section for specific users only.
All personal data changes are traced in order to faithfully reconstruct all the changes made over time, and all sensitive data is saved in a special encrypted database.
Digital onboarding of clients
Thanks to the Guardian Web app, the financial advisor can directly onboard his or her client with his tablet in a very easy and quick way, thanks to an accurate Due Diligence system which involves the completion of personal data, of MiFiD II/LSERFI and AML risk profiling questionnaires and eventually the electronic signature of the contract through a OTP system, legally certifying the client's eSignature of the questionnaires and of the management/advisory mandate.
MiFiD II / LSerFi Questionnaires
MIFID II risk profiling according to the ESMA target markets and LSerFi in accordance with the Swiss FIDLEG guidelines, with the parametric definition of the questionnaire fully customisable by the client, both in terms of questions and answers, and the related calculation process.
Accurate AML tools
Digitization of your Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire to give to your clients, where its structure is editable by the user, in order to detect and keep always under control the money laundering risk of your clients. Possibility to set AML parameters according to single movements, single cash movements and fractional movements with automatic extraction and reports of unusual cash movements with the possibility to attach documents and comments to justify the transaction. Automatic generation of alert emails with attached details of the unusual movement. Possibility to have access to international black lists (via Word check, Fats check) of people involved in terroristic activities and Politically Exposed People.
Customer Relationship Management
CRM section in order to track all the activities made and to be made in terms of customer relations (recalls, emails, face-to-face meetings, etc.), with the possibility to upload documents and receive reminders on specific dates set by the user.
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Report Generator

Wide range of Reports available to the user, such as performance contribution reports, account reoirts, market overviews, fund factsheets. All these reports are generated automatically and they can be sent to a mailing list up to five different languages, with the possibility to customize them according to specific needs.

Report generator module that allows you to create infinite templates and for each of them define the graphic layout and contents with maximum autonomy.

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Guardian Platform
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Web App dedicated to family members

Web portal specifically developed to give access to family office clients, through a clear and functional interface, where the clients can consult the various information relating to their portfolios, including consolidated ones.
Guardian Platform
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Dedicated Web App for managers and consultants

The Guardian Web platform allows the front office users (managers, promoters, consultants) and end customers to connect and operate in real time from anywhere in the world, with any mobile device.

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